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I'm Blooming Daily 2022 Quarterly Planner

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Blooming Daily is a Quarterly Planner to balance a Woman's busy life in 2022.
Loving myself totally & intentionally includes: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Internay, External and Relational encouragement.
Stay on track with a Meal Planner, Spending Tracker, Personal Goals and Physical Excercise.
Each page has a gentle reminder of positive thoughts and actions and every chapter is followed with a section of Reflection & Gratitude.
Remember, there is no competition....only a goal to be a better you each day.
You've Got This Sis!
Inspired by the Rose, Trumpet Lily, Orchid and Sunflower and all their beauty.

Paperback.  Color inside pages. 150 pages with Four Chapters

Ships February 19, 2022

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