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When you glow, it shows. We have partnered with a specialist to create a Glow Oil with all of my personal favorite ingredients to moisturize, hydrate, smooth and firm the skin while boosting collagen, improve texture, brighten and reduce the appearance of acne, dark spots and fine lines while providing sun block and gold OR bronze shimmer.  Enjoy the glow.

All Natural, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free


Vitamin E
Jojoba oil
Avocado oil
Apricot kernel oil
Hyraluronic acid
Sweet Orange oil
Vitamin C
Mica powder

SHAKE VIGOROUSLY before use.  Apply to dry skin. Rub in to moisturize.  Reapply as needed especially after being in water.  This product does not replace regular sunblock.

Warning: May cause staining to light colored towels/fabric.  For external use only.  Keep away from your eye.

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